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Here are what other anglers are saying about the effectiveness of Richter Anchors:

"Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I have a new 22' pontoon that had an electrical problem on it's first trip out. I was about 100 yards out from a rock bluff when the motor quit. With a 10-15mph wind moving the boat toward the bluff I lowered the 18# Richter in 46' of water with 100' of rope and it held with no problem for 30 minutes till help arrived. It could have been ugly!! Thanks again for a great product!!!"
- Dave Dunlap

"I fish several different waters in the midwest. In the past, I have used what ever anchors I could find at the local stores. For calm water, these worked ok, but I like to fish in rivers and heavy waves for big walleyes. I found myself with a collection of anchors in my boat and garage. It seemed I needed an different anchor for different water types.

I bought one of your anchors at a sport show and they were flying off the shelf like hot cakes. I nearly had to wrestle a guy for it.

I wound up giving seven anchors away for free because after the first time I used the Richter in the heaviest wave action I had seen in years, it held me in place like my boat was nailed down to the water. Now boat control has never been easier. I can actually practice what all the pros in the magazines are talking about. It releases nicely too if you ever fish woody bottoms.

I can't thank you enough for finally giving us a product that does what it claims. Let me know when you have other products, I'm ready to test them for you!!!!!


- Chris Dymale

"I have seen your anchor in action and it is sweet. I am a professional trophy catfish guide here on the Cumberland River in Tenn. And I will promise you that after my clients see your anchor that they will be ordering one from you. My website is"

- Warren Byrd

"I picked up a Richter Anchor at Fisherman’s Corner on 9/9/05. The next day I was out on a rocky bar with the wind blowing 25 - 35 mph according to the weather report, in the past I was using 2 navy style anchors totaling 32 lbs. and would never have been able to hold my boat in this strong of wind over a hard bottom. I put out the 25lb. Richter anchor and left out some rope and to my amazement, it held the first time even though where I anchored I was actually pulling the anchor downhill (towards deeper water). I even let the boat swing around so the transom was into the wind and it still held. There also was a lot of passing boat traffic, that in the past would have caused me to pull loose even if I was able to resist the waves caused by the wind, but not with the Richter anchor, I stayed exactly where I started, for over 2 1/2 hours, and I caught a bunch of fish that I wouldn't have gotten without your anchor. Thanks for a great product.

P.S. There were probably 12 other boats that tried to anchor on that reef while I was there and only 2 of those boats were able to hold their position and continue to fish, when I was leaving I went past each of them and asked what kind of anchor they were using, both said "Richter". Enough said! Thanks again."

- Dave Meyer

"I happened upon your display at the Indianapolis Boat Show in Feb, 2000. At the time I was looking for a second anchor. It was the last day of the show and all you had left was a 25 pounder and I thought what the heck and bought it.

Fast forward to June, 2000.

My wife and I were on Lake Michigan for the first time and noticed several boats anchored off a really nice beach and figured that it was time to cool off and meet some new friends. So I backed in towards the beach and my wife threw out the Danforth. Didn't set....So I threw out the Danforth. Didn't set....So I motored out a few yards and fetched my new Richter Anchor attached it to the line and we went back and tried it again. BINGO. Since then the Richter isn't our second anchor, it's the first and only anchor we've ever needed ! I have yet to find a bottom it wouldn't hold on or a current it couldn't stop. It sure takes the worry out of "will it hold this time" and makes even me look like a captain instead of a mate.

I insisted a boating friend buy a Richter for his new boat and now he's a believer too. Neither of us ever sweat over throwing out the anchor now.

Great Anchor !! Thanks."

- Jack Webster, Wolcott, IN

"My vote is for the Richter. I've tried every anchor out there. Went to a Richter three years ago and love it! I use it a lot on the Mississippi River to hold above the wing dams. When it hits bottom, it holds."

- Perchjerker, Iowa

"The Richter also holds with less lead rope than other anchors. It's a good anchor, you won't be sorry when you get one. An 18lb Richter will most likely do the job, the 25lb surely would."

- Terry - Online posting @

"Gimme a Richter any day, anywhere, with any boat."

- Fred, Minnesota

"Richter Anchors have been the best I've found. They hold well on the Dakota wind swept waters."

- Dutchman, North Dakota

"Buy your last anchor first, (or second) another vote for the Richter."

- BW, North Dakota

"I've used the Richter Anchors in all bottoms from mud to rocks and it holds; even in high winds. The release works because you can bring it in backwards, no snags and no donating your anchor to the lake."

- Joefish - Online Posting @

"Bought my Richter last year for use on my Ranger and it's just as the ad says. Buy your last anchor first!"

- Mr. Ranger - Online posting @

"The Richter is the best I've used and I have a pile in the garage that don't work. They are well worth it!"

- Eyebass - Online posting @

"I'm switching to Richter Anchors. I have heard nothing but good things about this anchor from guys who spend day in and day out on the river of lakes guiding."

- Jenn, Wisconsin

"Used it first time on Sat. Waves 1-3ft, 22ft boat. It is everything they say it is. Held well, easy release. Used it on Lake Erie. All plus, no minus!"

- George, Ohio

"I saw it on the Babe Winkleman show. It held my boat in some of the roughest water I've been in over the past 15 years."

- Gary - Online Posting @

"The anchor that NEVER failed me is the Richter. I have an 18ft. Ranger and it's a relatively heavy boat. The Richter always holds and on one occasion it wouldn't come up until I drove upstream from the anchor point and it released; just like it is supposed to!"

- TJ - Online posting @

"Another vote for Richter! I have been using one for 4 years now and it always holds. Yet, you can retrieve it from even the worst rock pile, like Stovetop Reef on Lake Vermillion, current home to 4 previous anchors of mine!"

- Hans, Minnesota

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