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The Richter Anchor
The Richter Anchor design came into existence around 29 years ago with a design to fit our needs while angling for walleye in northern Wisconsin. Friends and relatives insisted on having us make anchors for them, because they out performed any other design at the same weight and Richter Anchors was born.

The Richter Anchor design has an aggressive fluke pattern, and centered weight with the addition of a release bar that makes the anchor near 100% retrievable. The Richter Anchor has been shown to maintain a good hold with a 3:1 scope, often even less anchor line. Standard designs do not have the holding power of the Richter Anchor. The Richter Anchor has been tested by countless tournament fishermen, and compared to other "specialty" anchors that claim to be the best, the Richter Anchor is continuously preferred for reliability in varied bottoms and water conditions.
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Customer Testimonial

"I happened upon your display at the Indianapolis Boat Show in Feb, 2000. At the time I was looking for a second anchor. It was the last day of the show and all you had left was a 25 pounder and I thought what the heck and bought it.

Fast forward to June, 2000.

My wife and I were on Lake Michigan for the first time and noticed several boats anchored off a really nice beach and figured that it was time to cool off and meet some new friends. So I backed in towards the beach and my wife threw out the Danforth. Didn't set....So I threw out the Danforth. Didn't set....So I motored out a few yards and fetched my new Richter Anchor attached it to the line and we went back and tried it again. BINGO. Since then the Richter isn't our second anchor, it's the first and only anchor we've ever needed ! I have yet to find a bottom it wouldn't hold on or a current it couldn't stop. It sure takes the worry out of "will it hold this time" and makes even me look like a captain instead of a mate.

I insisted a boating friend buy a Richter for his new boat and now he's a believer too. Neither of us ever sweat over throwing out the anchor now."

Great Anchor !! Thanks.
Jack Webster
Wolcott, In.

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25 lb. Anchor, 75' of Nylon Braided Anchor Line, 2 quick links, 4' Coated chain.
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